5 Best Treadmill for Tall Runners With Long Running Deck

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As a runner, I understand the importance of having the proper equipment to support your fitness journey.

Best Overall

Horizon 7.4 AT

  • 60”L x 20”W Running Belt
  • 3.5 HP
  • 12 MPH Speed
  • 350 lbs Weight Capacity
Best for Over 6’4

Bowflex Treadmill 10

  • 60”L x 20”W Running Belt
  • 4.0 HP
  • 12 MPH Speed
  • 400 lbs Weight Capacity
Best Value for money

Sole F85 treadmill

  • 60”L x 20”W Running Belt
  • 4.0 HP
  • 12 MPH Speed
  • 400 lbs Weight Capacity

This is particularly crucial for tall runners, who often face challenges in finding a treadmill that can accommodate their height and stride length.

In this article, I will be reviewing the top 5 treadmills that are best suited for taller guys.

With so many options on the market, selecting the right treadmill that meets your specific needs can be a daunting task.

This is especially true for tall runners, who require a treadmill with a longer deck and higher weight capacity to ensure a comfortable and safe workout experience.

Through my research, I have discovered that there are many factors to consider when choosing a treadmill for tall runners, and I hope to provide valuable insights and recommendations to help you make an informed decision.

What are the Best Treadmill for Tall Runners?

After doing hours of research and testing different products, I compiled the list of the top 5 best treadmills for tall runners in 2023:

Horizon 7.4 AT Treadmill – Overall Best

If you’re a tall runner looking for a treadmill to support your stride, then the Horizon 7.4 AT Treadmill is worth considering.

As one of the more giant treadmills on our list, the Horizon 7.4 AT boasts a spacious running surface of 22 x 60 inches and can support a maximum user weight of 350 pounds.

Horizon 7.4 AT’s three-zone variable response cushioning is a highlight. It gives your stride both flexibility and support throughout your entire workout.

It has Custom Interval Keys, One-Touch Speed, and Incline Quick Keys. These features let you choose from 5K, Calorie, Distance, Fat Burn, Hill Climb, Manual, and Max Heart Rate programmes.

I also liked its app connectivity, which lets you stream movies, music, and fitness classes via Bluetooth.

Some reviewers have noted Bluetooth connectivity issues with the app, which may concern users.

Additionally, for $1,600, the Horizon 7.4 AT is one of the best treadmills on our list.


Item Dimensions76″D x 37″W x 63″H
Motor3.5 Horsepower
Item Capacity (Weight Capacity)Not specified
Maximum Speed12 Miles per Hour
Maximum Incline Percentage0.15
Deck Size (Length x Width)60” L x 20”W


  • Easy to assemble with only four steps
  • Good packaging overall, considering the weight and size of the product.
  • Lubrication of the belt is easy to do, and the treadmill runs smoothly.
  • High weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Good customer service response time and willingness to help.


  • The product is heavy, making it difficult to move and assemble alone.
  • The console may only monitor heart rate from the pulse rate grips, not external straps or wearables.

Bowflex Treadmill 10 – Best for Over 6’4

This treadmill will be your best option if you’re tall, by which I mean your head touches the ceiling. It can support 400 pounds of weight, and the belt size is large enough to make you feel like you’re running outside.

It also includes a one-year subscription to JRNY, a training app with AI training and adaptive coaching from Bowflex.

HIIT is suitable for the treadmill’s 4.0 HP motor and 15% incline option, and its SoftDropTM folding system makes for simple storage.

Heart rate monitoring is made simple with the Bowflex Treadmill 10’s Bluetooth connectivity, HR Armband, and built-in contact grips.

Although the Treadmill 10 doesn’t have the same automatic trainer control as some of its rivals, it does have special alliances with Netflix and Hulu, two entertainment streaming services.

The Treadmill 10’s smaller screen than some of its competitors could be a drawback.

But because of its strong motor, flexible incline and decline options, and wide running path, it’s a good option for tall runners who want a machine that offers a convenient and comfortable workout.


Item Dimensions85″ L x 39.6″ W x 65.3″ H
Motor4 Horsepower
Item Capacity (Weight Capacity)400 pounds
Maximum Speed12 Miles per Hour
Maximum Incline Percentage15
Deck Size (Length x Width)60” L x 20”W


  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Offers multiple options for both incline and speed
  • Provides a soft run/walk experience
  • Very clear screen
  • Loud and good speaker


  • Massive and difficult to move
  • Monthly JRNY subscription required to use some features

Sole F85 treadmill – Best Value for Money

This treadmill offers features that cater to tall runners, including a larger and more comfortable running surface of 22 by 60 inches.

It also comes with a weight limit of 400 pounds, making it a reliable option for tall runners.

This treadmill has a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, reducing joint impact by up to 40%, which is great for those with knee and joint problems.

The HR chest strap is included for free, which is always a good thing, as it is a more accurate way to measure heart rate than the handrail pulse sensors.

This treadmill also has Bluetooth with audio speakers and Wi-Fi, an integrated tablet holder, a cooling fan, a USB port, and a folding system.

The hydraulic assist system makes folding and unfolding the treadmill almost effortless and can be done with one hand.

Compared to other treadmills, the Sole F85 is a reliable and versatile option that caters to tall runners who want a treadmill with all the bells and whistles.

Its powerful motor, cushioned deck, and easy-to-use display make it a great choice for anyone who wants to take their running routine to the next level.


Dimensions80″D x 35″W x 58″H
Item Weight400 Pounds
Maximum Speed12 Miles per Hour
Maximum Horsepower4 Horsepower
Maximum Incline Percentage15
Deck Size60”L x 22”W


  • The treadmill looks awesome in a home gym.
  • It is durable and does not cut out like cheaper brands do.
  • Long deck that accommodates tall runners and prevents shortening of strides.
  • The display is simple with a blue backlight and very easy to see numbers.
  • The assist to fold and drop the deck is convenient.
  • It has a fan built-in and even has built-in speakers.


  • It is a little bit difficult to move.
  • The running deck is not level and has no instructions on how to adjust it.

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill – Best Commercial Grade

Now, if you want something that looks like what you see in the gym and is durable, I recommend you buy the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill.

This treadmill is ideal for tall and overweight people because of its oversized 22″ x 62″ running platform and an Ortho Flex shock suspension system underneath, which ensures a smooth, stable, and quiet walk or run.

Furthermore, it comes with all of the necessary built-in programs, such as numerous pre-programmed courses, fitness tests, heart rate control (wireless strap is included), and the ability to customize your workouts.

Compared to other treadmills, the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill features a full commercial grade, high-end components comparable to those found on most $6000 treadmills.

On the other hand, the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill weighs 366 pounds and may be difficult to move around without assistance.

While it is more expensive than its competitors on the list, the quality and features make it well worth the investment.


Item Dimensions84″D x 35.5″W x 58″H
Motor4 Horsepower
Item Capacity (Weight Capacity)400 lbs
Maximum Speed12 Miles per Hour
Maximum Incline Percentage15%
Deck Size62”L x 22”W


  • Sturdy and well-made, feels like a gym treadmill
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor
  • Comfortable even on faster speeds
  • Little to no deck flex, sturdy run
  • Relatively quiet motor compared to other treadmills
  • Quick access panel with start and emergency stop switch


  • Heart rate pulse sensor on handlebars is not very sensitive
  • Very pricey

NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill – Best Budget Treadmill

If you’re a tall runner looking for a budget-friendly treadmill that won’t break the bank, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill might be the perfect fit.

With its 20″ x 55″ tread belt, this treadmill offers enough space for your legs and elbows to move comfortably during your workout.

However, for taller runners above 6 feet, this might fall short, which is true because of the price range.

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S comes with a 3 HP motor, perfect for joggers but not ideal for runners requiring higher speeds.

The treadmill also has an auto-incline feature that can be controlled with a simple touch of a button.

One of the best things about the NordicTrack T 6.5 S is that it comes with a 30-day iFit membership, which allows you to stream live and on-demand workouts on your equipment with global workouts and studio classes.

However, if you don’t need or want the extra tech, this treadmill still offers onboard programs that don’t require WiFi.

It’s perfect for those who have limited space or want to keep their treadmill out of sight when not in use.

Overall, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill is an entry-level option perfect for those looking for a quality treadmill without the extra bells and whistles.


  • Quality build materials, sturdy and durable.
  • Very quiet noise level.
  • Built-in screen and speakers are good quality and loud
  • Best value for price
  • Budget friendly option


  • The heartbeat sensors are not that accurate.
  • It may take up to two hours to assemble.

How to Choose the Best Treadmill for Tall Runners

In this buying guide, I will discuss the factors I considered when choosing these treadmills and what to look for when purchasing a treadmill as a tall runner.

Deck Size

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a treadmill for a tall runner is the size of the deck.

The deck size should be long and wide enough to accommodate a taller stride length.

The ideal deck size for a tall runner is 60 inches long and 22 inches wide.

A treadmill with a smaller deck size can lead to discomfort, injuries, and a less efficient workout.

Motor Power

The motor power of a treadmill is crucial to consider as it determines the quality and efficiency of the workout.

Higher motor power will provide a smoother and more comfortable running experience, especially for a taller runner.

A motor with a minimum of 3.0 horsepower is recommended for tall runners.

Incline and Decline Capability

Incline and decline capability is essential for a challenging and versatile workout.

It also helps to mimic outdoor terrain, making the workout more realistic.

A treadmill with a maximum incline of 15% and a decline of -3% is ideal for a tall runner.


A treadmill’s stability is crucial for a tall runner to avoid wobbling or shaking during their workout.

The Treadmill should have a sturdy frame and a high weight capacity.

A weight capacity of at least 350 pounds is recommended for tall runners.


As a tall runner, comfort is essential for a pleasant and efficient workout.

Look for a treadmill with cushioned deck technology, which reduces the impact on joints and provides a more comfortable running experience.

Some treadmills also come with cooling fans, which can be a great comfort feature in the long run.


How long should a treadmill be for a tall person?

The ideal length of a treadmill for a tall person is at least 60 inches or 5 feet. This allows for a longer stride length and a comfortable running experience.

What Treadmill has a 62-long running surface?

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is a high-quality treadmill with a running surface that measures 62 inches long, making it an ideal choice for tall runners.

This Treadmill is designed with a powerful 4.0 HP motor, which provides smooth and quiet operation even at high speeds.

Additionally, it features a durable Ortho Flex Shock suspension system that helps to reduce joint impact and provide a comfortable workout experience.

What is the average lifespan of a treadmill?

The average lifespan of a treadmill can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and quality of the machine. However, a treadmill can last anywhere from 7-12 years with proper care and maintenance. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and belt alignment can extend the lifespan of a treadmill.


In conclusion, choosing the right Treadmill for tall runners can be challenging, but finding one with a spacious and comfortable running surface is essential.

The five treadmills reviewed in this article have unique features, but my top pick is the Horizon 7.4 AT Treadmill.

Its roomy running surface, powerful motor, and advanced workout programs make it an excellent option for tall runners looking to improve their fitness.

With proper maintenance and care, investing in a high-quality treadmill can provide a long-lasting and beneficial addition to any workout routine.


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